Sunthenoil LLC is a Texas Limited Liability Company formed by Keith Meyer to develop a global biofuels platform through the commercialization of emerging biofuel feedstocks and technology.  (Company website is:


SunEco Energy is a California corporation and the exclusive licensee of algae oil production and harvesting technology developed by parent company Global ReNergy.   The company has a pilot plant in Chino California that has produced repeatable and commercially viable results in the production of straight vegetable oil (SVO) and livestock feed supplement (LFS).  The SVO is easily convertible to biodiesel and has been successfully tested in an on-road environment using a large diesel tractor-trailer rig over 1,800 miles.  Additionally, the LFS is undergoing a live cattle test which has shown attractive interim results.  The company is currently developing a large scale deployment of the technology in the Imperial Valley of California and anticipates production of SVO and LFS in significant quantities later this year.  (Company website is:


Keith Meyer is Chairman and CEO of Sunthenoil, President and COO of SunEco Energy, Chairs the Biofuels Advisory Panel for World Energy Magazine, is under contract with Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Management as an instructor in the Energy Management Certificate Program, and has nearly 30 years of international energy experience including serving as President of Cheniere LNG. 


Sunthenoil is a trademark of Sunthenoil LLC and cannot be used without the express written permission of Sunthenoil LLC.

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