Joint Venture

Sunthenoilís Texas project will be a joint venture with technology provider SunEco Energy.† Each party will contribute specific expertise for overall reduced execution risk .


Sunthenoil will gain invaluable experience from technology partner SunEco Energy through its extensive knowledge base of algae-to-oil study gained over a five year period.† SunEcoís pilot scale plant has been in operation for over two years with repeatable results. SunEco currently has a large scale development underway in Southern California.

The extensive knowledge base and large scale development in California provides Sunthenoil with a reduced risk profile.

Sunthenoilís licensed proprietary process utilizes large open ponds for high volume production, encourages naturally occurring algae strains to produce and retain lipids convertible to oil, and economically liberates the oil from the algae cells using a proprietary cell fracturing process.

Algae crude and refined oil is easily converted to transportation fuel in existing biodiesel plants or refineries.

The remaining biomass is a high-protein livestock feed supplement.

Numerous collateral benefits are created (carbon credits, education, employment).

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